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first aid cabinet service

Oh how I LOVED the invoices from the first aid company! 

Sure it is VERY necessary to have but don't be fooled by their "OSHA regulation" claims! Those claims apply to businesses NOT located within "normal" distances from medical services and last time I checked the Twin Cities Metro has PLENTY of HIGH quality medical service facilities within a stones throw of your restaurant! 

So why have them come in and STUFF your cabinet full of a bunch of stuff you don't want or NEED! I mean have you REALLY taken a look inside your cabinets at what you are getting and what you are getting charged for that stuff!

At Chef's Edge we serve you how YOU want to be served with WHAT you want in your cabinet!  All of our staff have served as Chef's in MANY restaurants and know what you want and actually USE in your first aid cabinet. We will go through our products with you and allow YOU to choose which items you want to have.  We can then either manage your cabinet for you and keep it stocked with YOUR choices OR you can manage it yourself and conveniently order your products and we will gladly drop them to you on your next knife delivery day.

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