The Truck

Chef’s Edge is a mobile knife sharpening service covering the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.  We offer a “house knife” exchange program as well as sharpen Chef’s personal knives.  Our services include standard sharpening as well as a knife “Rehab” to repair broken tips or chips in the blade.

In addition to knife sharpening Chef’s Edge offers an array of items used by Chefs and food service professionals. Some of the items that we offer include:

Chef Works Chef Apparel including Pants, Jackets, Cooks Shirts and Hats.

Birkenstock Chef Shoes.

Our truck also stocks a full line of Chef Cutlery including:

-Forschner                   -Tamahagane  

-Global                        -MAC

In addition to the above mentioned items we stock commonly used tools such as tongs, ladles, spatulas, peelers, rubber scrapers, mandolins, thermometers, timers and mesh strainers.  We carry disposable items including trash can liners, latex and vinyl gloves,  plastic wrap, and aluminum foil.