The Truck

Chef’s Edge is a mobile knife sharpening service covering the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.

We offer a “house knife” exchange program and sharpen Chef’s personal knives that use our exchange service.  Our services include standard sharpening as well as a knife “Rehab” to repair broken tips or chips in the blade.

Our truck also stocks a full line of Chef Knives/Cutlery including:

-Dragon by Yaxell
-Mercer Culinary
-Bello Blades (sole distributor)



In addition to knife sharpening Chef’s Edge offers an array of items used by Chefs and food service professionals. Some of the items that we offer include:

– Chef Works
Chef Apparel including Pants, Jackets, Cooks Shirts and Hats.
Chef Shoes.

In addition to the above-mentioned items, we stock commonly used tools such as tongs, ladles, spatulas, peelers, rubber scrapers, mandolins, thermometers, timers and mesh strainers.

We carry disposable items including labels, Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl gloves, as well as a full assortment of First Aid supplies to stock your cabinets.

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Sharpen your knives today

What we do is very simple. We take your dull and bent knives and make them look and perform like new again. Take a look at these before and after pictures below to see what we mean. Contact us today for a live demonstration of how we can help your business.

Dexter knife refinishing



Dexter Knife Before

Bent Tip and DULL


Dexter Knife After

Super Sharp and Shiny

Refinished Japanese Blade


Blade Damage

Crazy Blade Chip


Blade Damage After

All Better!

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Meet The Owner

TJ Stockdale, Owner

As the owner/operator of this company I will bring many valuable assets to your business.  Having been a Chef for 8 years holding positions with some of the finest restaurants around including Mastros Steakhouse in Scottsdale Arizona, Tommy Bahamas in Scottsdale Arizona, as well as the Nicollet Island Inn here in Minneapolis I know about the tools and the items that you need.  I also know the importance and value of having a reliable and SHARP set of knives to work with.  I am aware of how protective we as Chefs are of our knives and can assure you that I will sharpen your blades with as much care and caution as I would sharpen my own.  I look forward demonstrating how Chef’s Edge can be of service to your establishment!

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